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A wide range of composite doors that will enhance the aesthetic of any home

Our composite doors offer a superb combination of durability, style and energy efficiency, providing both protection and aesthetic appeal. They are the ideal choice for homeowners looking to improve their security and curb appeal, and for builders and door fitters who want to offer the best products. Feel free to stop by our showroom and check out our extensive selection.

Struggling to find the perfect composite door for your needs? Look no further!

At Exeter Window Store, you’ll discover a wide range of composite doors that perfectly complement any home with only a 2-week lead time. We all know that when one door closes, another one opens, and we have the perfect new door for you or your customers.

Discover our superior collection of made-to-measure Visage composite doors that effortlessly combine elegance, robust security, and exceptional energy efficiency. These doors are expertly manufactured using our renowned expertise and meticulous attention to detail. They boast a strong, high-impact Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) skin and a beautiful woodgrain finish for improved stability, along with water-resistant polymer composite rails that will keep water absorption away. This helps to prevent the occurrence of a bowed door, which is a common issue with timber core composite doors available on the market. Our doors are 50% more thermally efficient than 48mm solid timber core composite doors, yielding both economic and environmental benefits while offering improved heating performance.

Why transform your home with one of our composite doors?

Our weather-resistant composite doors are crafted with exceptional skill, setting them apart from our competitors. This, combined with our commitment to using high-quality materials and advanced technology, demonstrates our dedication to the safety and security of your home and loved ones. All composite doors from Exeter Window Store have a proven track record of durability. They hold the key to enhancing the appearance and security of any property.

Offering one of the best value Composite Doors on the market

Our superior doors have a high impact GRP resistant skin with a beautiful woodgrain finish which gives a Visage door an authentic and premium aesthetic

  • Water-resistant polymer composite rails
  • Engineered wood for improved stability
  • Reinforced Secure by Design
  • 50% more thermally efficient


Available Colours



Explore the unique features that make our composite doors stand out from the competition

Custom-built high-security multipoint locking – Our steel multipoint door lock provides a very high level of security as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure a consistently high-quality multi-lock door. The multi-lock door system we offer is equipped with a 14-point locking system, along with 1 or 2 lever handles and escutcheon plates featuring a euro cylinder. This combination ensures the utmost level of protection for all security needs.

Q-Lon gasket weatherseal – A Q-Lon gasket is designed to provide excellent heat retention by creating a tight seal once installed. They are standard on our composite doors and act as protection against rain and draft.

Rehau or Deceuninck door outer frames or colour/foil choice – The Distinction door is designed to fit securely into either Rehau or Deceuninck  door frames, minimising energy loss and ensuring you can achieve a perfect fit.

Reinforced Secured by Design option – Wire mesh reinforcing adds security to our Secured by Design doors. In addition to wire mesh reinforcing, we meet PAS 24:2016 which evaluates the security of our doors, from the outside frame to the glazing, to guarantee they are solid and can survive forcible entry.

Exceptional 10-year surface warranty – Our products come with a warranty that covers any defects in workmanship and materials for the duration specified from the date of purchase.

Hardware – We offer a diverse selection of composite door accessories, including door handles, door knockers and letter plates, plus a wide range of locking options.

Exceptional Value – Our composite doors offer excellent value for money and their longevity (at least 20 years) guarantees that they are a worthwhile investment.

Available Colours







Colza Yellow (RAL 1021)

Basalt Grey

Cream White

Disinction Brown

Distant Blue (RAL 5023)

Distinction Grey

Distinction Slate Grey

Duck Egg

Honey Beige

Leaf Green (RAL 6002)

Pebble Grey

Porcelain Blue

Purple Violet (RAL 4007)

Standard Red

Traffic Red (RAL 3020)

Wine Red

Standard Blue

Turquoise Blue (RAL 5018)

Distinction Agate Grey

Buckingham Grey

Distinction Light Grey

Steel Blue

Gold Oak Satin

Pale Green (RAL 6021)

Premium Distinction Chartwell

Ruby Red (RAL 3003)

Standard Green

Telemagenta (RAL 4010)

Ultra Marine Blue (RAL %002)


We offer white, gold, chrome, black, and satin plus a wide range of locking options

Slim Antique Black

Slim Blac

Slim Chrome

Slim Gold

Slim Satin

Slim White

Standard Antique

Standard Black

Standard Chrome

Standard Gold

Standard Satin

Standard White







F&F Antique Black

F&F Black

F&F Chrome

F&F Satin

F&F White


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